Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Next things

So I have to prepare my seminar starting next week, entitled Anxieties of Modernist Representation.
Getting powerpoint presentations takes time, since I really want to investigate, with the people in the seminar (great wait list, but there we are)  how after 1913 and the Rite of Spring and Pierrot Lunaire and Kafka and Munch's Scream, and Pierrot lunaire  and Schoenberg's art do we go on in visual and verbal expression to represent our uncanny anxiety and go beyond our personal one to represent something else?
And i want to deal, at some point, with Pascal, which is something else, now that my Reverdy is out and my Cookbook (the lookcookbook as I think of it) also, and I have done some catalogues for galleries... I want to do something I haven't done, and he is it, I think. Will see.

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