Sunday, April 14, 2013

memoire retrouvee

Just in Paris last week, I noticed the French version of a book I had wanted to give my French friends for ages. And I did: Is it not wonderfully and passing strange that the just-out French translation of Edmund de Waal'sf The Hare with Amber Eyes should be called La Memoire retrouvee????? Given that it is partly about Charles Ephrussi and all that, so close to Proust, it seems delightfully PLEASE LOOKAT THIS, does it not?? The Vienna part reminds me of Marjorie Perloff's brilliant The Vienna Paradox..

And, on the rue des Grands Augustins, in the place where Picasso and company used to lunch, in the Pre Catalan, there is a KGBbis, the Kitchen Galerie Bis bis...I loved writing about this for my Modern Art Cookbook, now in proofs and coming out in October, and about the "epigram" -- part of a lamb, like a condensed version, speaking of art and cooking and writing...