Sunday, February 24, 2013

what about...

QUERY:  what about if I move my blog to tumblr and "pierthinking," will I lose this one? not that they aren't both about place, but i'd rather a more open place, like out on the edge of, or then walking along on, a pier, jutting out into some ocean...
wonder how that would work
and in the meantime, I think I have to read Elizabeth Bowen more, nothing happened when I read the Death in (or of, can't remember, it didn't take the first time )the Heart, but a House in Paris, gracious, thanks to Pat Laurence
and now i think I m ust read Heat of the Day, because of the white light coming through the shutters in wartime, or so I read somewhere
love reading AROUND more than reading in, but I do see that "Leaning In" is where a lot of us should be or are going
in the meantime, I love writing for Hyperallergic Weekend, and will be publishing there reviews of Proust at the Morgan and a reviewing of Drawing Surrealism... great editing job, love the place
I love loving places, especially expansive ones

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