Thursday, February 28, 2013

Parsifal, new production, Raritan, "Thinking North"

Oh dear, oh my goodness, I've seen many Parsifals, here in New York and in Vienna, for starters,
but this production is filled with collectivity of a most disturbing kind. The Knights, all in their white shirts and black trousers (I used to like the monk habits, old school me, I guess), raise their arms -- as Robert Paxton remarked in the intermission, next thing might be the Nazi salute -- and the Klansmen came to my Southern mind.
 On which topic, that I dwell on a bit, writing about my very Southern, but very liberal Grandmother the painter Margaret Walthour Lippitt (about whom more anon, somewhere or other), just out is my piece on Glenn Gould and Jon Schueler (and Randall Jarrell also), called "Thinking North," in Raritan Quarterly Review, Winteer 2013, vol. XXXII, number 3, and if it had a url, I'd direct someone to it, as Matthew my son told me how to do yesterday...
 For instance, since I love writing up art shows for Hyperallergicweekend, he showed me how to put in a url for that particular piece I wrote (like the ones on Robert Vonnoh and on Sarah Plimpton, for example) and out next weekend, more.
How nice things refer to things, albeit this feels a bit self-referential, not a Southern thing.  


Kurt said...

I love your blog! I watch for your every post and it makes my day when you do!


Kurt said...

I love your blog - I eagerly await your posts. And it makes my day when you do!