Tuesday, December 25, 2012

modern art cookbook

It has taken what feels like 2 years to work on the permissions for the ALWAYS-ONGOING Modern Art Cookbook-- and as yet, having turned in something like 2000 recipes and texts to go with the still lives selected by the publishers (Reaktion Books) -- I am not sure what will be used... do I want to go over and see final working=out of the thing? or just go over in March, asI promised, to talk with Daniela Daniele on Frank O'Hara (whose personlism manifesto I really love)
all up in some sort of air, I hate deciding dates worse than anything! or maybe all decisions...
what I like most is being with my daughter Hilary or my son Matthew and his smallish son, Theodore..
Hilary and I went to hear Matthew at the final concerts for a while at least of NADA SURF at the Bowery Ballroom last Friday and Saturday, and it was all sold out, always a nice feeling...
their music is joyful and funny and moving, all at once.. Matthew will be playing with Juliana Hatfield for a while, and his voice continues , instantly recognizable, and not just to his mother!

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