Saturday, September 1, 2012

twitter, oh I see

so I see twitter is more fun to write to, will do
why not do both!!! and facebook,like who has time???
but in the meantime, today I went to the Guggenheim to see the Abstract Expressionism and the Guggenhim, all about un art autre, cleverly translated as something like another kind of art, nice
and the slopes of the museum-- which I knew so well in those Tino Seghal days, up and down we went, conversing all the way-- always worth navigating, were SUDDENLY SWARMED upon at about 6 tonight Saturday,
but in any case, how lovely the Burris and the Fontanas and on and on, and the Sam Francis (how I remember translating a French book on him, such fun, did I get paid?probably not) and the Hans Hoffman (and my grandmummie, yes indeed, studied with him in Provincetown) and gloriously in a rush you come upon a de Kooning close up and then the Rauschenberg RED and you think, oh heavens, how glad I am I came even though, etc. etc etc. what you leave behind
art cheers you up, no matter what -- or rather, takes you out of whereever you were

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