Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14

Today a whole flock of birds flew one way across our breakfast table, looking out over the field,
and then back the other way, far in the distance; a few minutes later, again, and again, to mark the great holiday  of France, I expect. Today in our small village, many things, a procession of mules and then a sort of circus and on and on, and a feast tonight with festival things, of course... I think we will not be going, but we might.
It is nice having things up in the air, birds and plans....

and now, August 28, my mother's birthday (she's in the sky, if the sky exists for anyone), I see this again, and find it just the way it often is...things up in the air, I like that, and think I shall continue to, even in this whole year sabbatical I am taking, wow!

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