Thursday, July 12, 2012

catastrophe emaiil

so what happens when someone borrows your computer AND your program and then the latter tells you since you have done something Terrible it will Close your Account, which it did, and won't let you authenticate yourself (how one does this on a big scale I know not) unless24 hours have lapsed, but every time you think They Have Elapsed, they have not and does the 24 hours start over? At present-- let us hope this will not last-- no access to addresses or mails...I guess this is interesting, Iknow, so just return to whatever you were doing, as in pascal and translating reverdy and lorand gaspar and so on but it bugs me
on which topic, only one scorpion this year, how can this be??? it isn't that I miss them, but perhaps the wasp problem and so on eliminated them, and they panicked...
but the field so delightedly unkempt remains unkempt, delightedly and I would rather a million times look at unkemptedness than kemptedness

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