Thursday, June 21, 2012

vaucluse, continuing

So  the rat is still there, perched atop my very old meuble..just saw him with the delightful carpenter from just down the hill who will repair the door the rat has gnawed at, and the tiny window out of which he ate the moustiquaire, leaving a HOLE, .and we have of course washed every dish and all else, removed any cloth that might look delicious, and so on... (a lot of that)

New York life is somehow different -- it takes less time to just live and deal with an apartment than a 300 year old cab anon which is not a nice new house of the kind you would call "etanche" or, um, tight in the sense that there aren't holes in the mortar and door and windows through which small or larger animals can enter . To say nothing of humid, I mean, have you felt humid? Ye s, in a tiny Paris apt. I had, above the Fosses Saint-Jacques, on that very street, SJ without the Fosses before it, the posters would curl up the walls  -- THAT WAS WETNESS.

Here, now, the wind (which, not a mistral, maybe just a bride) is ruffling the foliage on our side of the field we look out over, and we are about to go see a friend -- former opera star - in Violes, on the road to Vacqueras, think wine, and we had breakfast looking out into trees and space and sky... not so bad...

and I try to hope the rat is happy in our kitchen: I generally am.

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