Tuesday, June 26, 2012


the gorgeousness of swimming in a clear lake, with mountains all around and nearby, probably seems not like a miracle to many, but to us, it is... Ah, qu'elle est bonne, says the man next us, with a large tummy and a book that looks interesting, Ah, qu'elle est douce, says the lady swimming about 3 feet away, yes indeed
and I wish I had brought more than one swimsuit, because we went in twice today, the whole ritual, of course,twe take our straw mat and towels and hide the carneys and sort of go toward the water to plunge into it...
ah...and then home to melon and strawberries, who cares if my passwords don't work, what are machines about, anyway
this is about looking out at the field and seeing the stars at night and having a vermouth or pastis or whatever you feel like at wish and then artichauts for supper, and fish you picked up from the once-a-week mormoiron fishmonger -- today, trout...

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