Tuesday, June 12, 2012


so there I was on the bus, having seen students, 2 really really smart ones, one about Frank O'Hara and Garcia Lorca, and the other translating Cocteau, had a wonderful time, I did, hopped on one of those bright blue light buses that takes you over to another, non blue-lighted bus, got out my London Review of Books to read on the next one going uptown to see a friend at La Mangeoire, restaurant we love, and whoops, leapt off the bus and left my purse with everything, including glasses, in it, ooooof
so I took the bus, the next one, having hopped off, over to the end, but couldn't phone my cellphone, always turned off, and had nothing to travel or pay or be with, lovely busdriver helped me, phoned my husband on her cellphone, and the wonderful person who found my bag and thought I would get off so she could return it, alas, didn't find, me, who was taking another bus back, etc etc. and then she wrote and phoned and all was well
BUT: moral of the story, don't get too tired and too enthusiastic about other people's projects to forget this andthat behind you!
big deal moral, small funny story

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