Saturday, April 21, 2012

and then...

and then it was, is, april, don't even ask, I say, it is just full of concerts, some with Matthew and Nada Surf, some not, went to Philharmonic on the poet Grace Schulman's tickets, grand seat, umph to the mozart, enjoyed the all-surroundingness of the Tchaikowski , we more readily go to chamber music, like tomorrow,
and of course, I left my glasses in Le Train Bleu, which I love, in Bloomingdale's , and have to go back tomorrow, no great pain,
but by May 8 have to write on Jon Schueler's five paintings for the building at 499 Park, fun, I LOVe doing things I haven't done, and my Andre Masson: and the Mythology of Desire for the gallery Blain Di Donna, is just out, and a translation of Gherasim Luca, of La Proie s'Ombre (Self-shadowing prey) AND have to get a lecture ready on Motherwell for Ashebille, NC and read the long thesis for its defense in Paris on May 19, and so on
Will I or won't I write on Pascal, got out about 2003 books on him, but lose interest when I don't do things right away, as in Right Away
loved th Artaud banquet a few weeks ago, thanks to Jarrett Earnest in his galley, and so on
not a lot of boringness around, thanks be

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