Monday, March 12, 2012

ps to Equinox!

forgot to say, in case anyone is reading this, that in the play at 59 e 59th, things had to be abbreviated, so a picture of Roger Fry on the wall, in case someone wonders how he got elided as Vanessa's lover for years -- and he WAS, after all, ROGER FRY (big hero of mine) -- and of course George Mallory sort of stands in for David Garnett, because of whom Duncan went to bed with Vanessa (to make him jealous), thus Angelica later is marrying her father's lover, but that is all very too much to go into one
play, so never mind, but the wall pictures are nice, so is the mantelpiece, THAT is what feels authentic....

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Anonymous said...

Bonjour, je vous lis régulièrement et serais curieux de connaître ce qui a fait naître chez vous une francophilie certaine.
Tout thème de recherche commence à mon avis d'une certaine forme d'introspection, même s'il la dépasse souvent, et de façon brillante dans votre cas.
Au plaisir de vous lire.

Clem, chercheur français fan de nada surf