Sunday, March 25, 2012

the piling up

so what do you do when your books are already occupying the radiator that might some year have to go back on, and then they spill and then you might take one or two out and they spill really over and you are reading 5 at a time and not finishing any because you want to get back to the other one you just didn't finish, so now I am in the middle or somewhere or other in:
Benita Eisler: Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe and then in my office I have the letters from them: The Faraway One or something like that
Christopher Benfey about the Hummingbirds and Heade and Dickinson, wonderful book
and How to Live: or a Life of Montaigne : witty and grand and brava for Sarah Bakewell
and the de Botton How Proust can Change Your Life (well, maybe he doesn't, but it's a great title) which I read before
and The Swerve, of course, keep almost finishing, but it's like dessert

and then proofreading La Proie s'ombre by Gherasim Luca that I translated, on and on, i burnt the cookies I was making for
what used to be tomorrow night but I see that if it readily is 4:36 am it is tonight

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Kurt said...

So love the piling up! We have books strewn everywhere - books reading, books to read, books to get rid of, books to share, books to return, books to sell, books to lend - and I feel better about all of them after reading the piling up. So sorry to have missed your visit to Hollins, and am making it up by reading all your blog posts and more. Best wishes - a trip to Paris and Avignon is coming up - would welcome any and all suggestions!