Saturday, December 31, 2011

year ending...

To celebrate the last day of this year -- a year most of which I enjoyed -- on my way to get a plant to enliven our apartment for the friends arriving tonight, from the fields of architecture, anthropology, medicine and law, and, well, literature, I sat outside the Barking Dog restaurant and had a very very weak Bailey's coffee frappe. Something was frappe, alright, but mostly the ice cubes. People smiling all around, year-end sort of thing.
Boyce has made an amazing Thai soup with Tom Yam sauce in it, and a Duck with the 8 Jewels -- reminds me of the 13 desserts in Provence... how delightful to have numbers associated with cooking, as in his cuisine...
What I hate the very very very most doings putting papers in files and all that -- I'd rather make out 6 bibliographies than put one paper in a file.
But I found a small green plant with yellow flowers, and yellow would make anyone happy. So it's on the table.

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