Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So much of the talk around here and there, these days, and the ongoing excitement accompanying it,  revolves around Occupy Wall Street...how not?

Just now, it seems, according to the New York Times, the dean of St. Paul's in London resigned, following the resignation of two clergy members last week.  It certainly poses moral questions all around -- financial (like 30,000 pounds in donations lost each day at St. Paul's) and psychological -- no entrance to the Cathedral.

My friend Catherine Corman told me at lunch today about the 24 hours free library among the tents (I knew of the one in Boston, but not this one), which she habitually visits at midnight--- and about the OWS poetry anthology being prepared, and --of major importance -- of the tent Patti Smith contbributed. People are sending in pizzas, by Pay Pal.

I added these pieces of information to my column for the Oxford Magazine, Notes from New York, trying to keep up with not just the culture here in New York, but the life...

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