Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reading, teaching, going to jazz

So I keep passing around my copy of The Hare with Amber Eyes to various friends, and so far, my women friends have been FAR more enthusiastic than the men... what does this mean, I wonder? but I don't have time to wonder very long, have to go give a seminar on Mallarme, Whistler, and the rest of those great writers and painters (I love Whistler's writing in The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, to say nothing of his Nocturnes and beach scenes) but hope to say lots about them, and show some, so my super students can react... Each has to choose something of Mallarme's to react to, and they will... Who wouldn't? the most 21st century poet around, I often think.
Then to see friends from France and to the Blue Note, because they want to hear some jazz. I have lived in New York for Years and Years and have never ever been to the Blue Note!

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