Saturday, October 22, 2011

I didn't even have time to eat my carrot cake...

Every time I am in my office, or so it seems, things pour in. How is it my colleagues seem to take picnics from  the upstairs cafeteria (which I love)  to their offices and happily (I assume) consume them? The other day, with a sumptuous carrot cake, full of nuts and delicious moisture, having "borrowed" a fork to plunge into it, in came someone impassioned about manifestos, so of course, when anyone is impassioned about anything, you have to give them -- you WANT to give them -- your full attention.  I couldn't continue my solitary delight. I put it behind some papers, sort of hoping its deliciousness would penetrate some of the dryness of them. No such luck. Farewell, carrot cake, with your gorgeous icing.  

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