Monday, October 3, 2011

Everything: what to do? Next?

So when you want to go to about 251 THINGS now on in New York, like the  exhibit of French drawings at the Morgan, near where I teach at the CUNY Graduate Center, but you also want to, have to, need to go with your husband out to Westchester to hear the Westchester Performers chamber music concert (lots of Sundays, really just 5 a semester -- I think of semesters since I am still teaching), AND you have to, want to, need to prepare your seminar for the week, and you long to, want to, need to write the catalogue for a San Francisco exhibition of Surrealism: New World, in a hurry hurry hurry, WHAT do you Choose to do first?

Well, what you don't do is straighten up your closet and figure out what you really enjoy wearing...Such good excuses not to do things, when, in fact, you want to do everything. Can anyone help anyone (me) decide what to do first, what to not do (how do you not split that infinitive? Remember what used to matter, and now everything matters so much. )

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