Friday, September 23, 2011


this is like when you get up in the middle of the night (I realize that is a relative term, well, my night), and you think: right, I should get more people reading my blog, just in case it might interest someone and how do you do that and then you join some presumed websites and they keep asking for your password and you give it to them and they don't like it and say: we will send you a way to change it, and you change it, and they say INVALID KEY

this just happened to me with Wordpress, about which I know zero, except it is, as I said, the middle of my some-would-call-it-night, and it is very irritating indeed

I would rather go back to writing, even writing a blog no one reads -- I actually like writing, WHICH IS WHY I WRITE, even cookbooks -- not because I am such a great cook, but I like reading great writers on cooking, like Nigel Slater (turns out there is a new film on his TOAST, hooray) and Elizabeth David, the greatest, and M.F.K. Fisher -- it isn't the recipes I love, it is the writing


Ian Keenan said...

I guess you don't use Statcounter or some way of tracking visits, but there's probably a lot more people reading your blog than you think. I check in to see if any new rock formations resemble Messiaen's face, art show reviews, what to do in Provence when I move there etc.

Suzanne said...

And Mary Ann, we love to read whatever you write. So, just keep writing, no matter what time of day or night it is.
Best wishes,