Monday, August 8, 2011

modern art cookbook!

Having signed the contract for my Modern Art Cookbook, to be published by Reaktion Books, in the UK, but distributed by the Chicago University Press -- both of which publishers I love -- I have quotes from MFK Fisher, Elizabeth David, Laurie Colwin, Hemingway, Proust, Julia Child, Monique Truong (Salt) and so on, but would love a wider selection...
Anyone who has an idea, please do let me know!
This book is about vaious still lifes and recipes connected with the elements in the paintings (you know, Cezanne's Ginger Pot and Eggplants, in the Met Museum, and associated recipes from various artists about eggplant, and Manet's Bunch of Asparagus, and his Single Asparagus, and relevant sections from Proust about asparagus, and from the Hare with Golden Eyes about Charles Ephrussi and his commissioning that painting), but goes wider than that -- it feels heavily tipped towards French recipes, and then modern artist recipes, as it should... but is open to suggestions!
anyone who is interested, and has suggestions, do please respond, thanks,
Mary Ann Caws

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take your time said...

Hi Professor Caws,
Your modern art cookbook sounds wonderful. I'm thinking of the first or second paragraph of A. J. Liebling's _Between Meals_, in which he lists the items and courses consumed during a gargantuan meal (including a dozen Gardiner's Island oysters) and ends bemoaning how much more Proust could have accomplished if he'd had a bigger appetite. Perhaps the quote could be paired with a still life of an abundant table, or even Manet's oysters.

I enjoyed reading your blog.
Margaret Fiore