Saturday, July 23, 2011

early noises in the cabanon

When you arise early, in the chill, you can hear that familiar bird with its same call, and it never feels too early
The Queen Anne's Lace is rising high around the tiny would-be-growing-if-it-wanted-to olive tree, and I don't see any dandelions: do they get up later?
Later, a bit later, we will have breakfast at our small table in the field, looking at the sun gradually lighting up the trees beyond the trees.
Today Ruth Middleton, artist, poet, biographer, will come with her dogs to lunch... we might go to the market in Pernes to pick up some fruit and a chicken from a spit, or perhaps just here in Mormoiron, then the day for ourselves...
Too cold swimming in the plan d'eau yesterday, won't try it again today. We felt intensely virtuous, but there's bound to be another way to practice virtue without freezing.

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