Friday, August 6, 2010

early evening in the Vaucluse

I just returned from swimming in our nearby lake, with seven ducks and no people...16 friends are arriving for a picnic in our cabanon, and first we are serving  green and black tapenade (olive thing) and noisette (hazelnut sausage) and then some chickens we bought roasted at the market and green salad with Boyce's lemon dressing, and very very red tomatoes sliced with olive oil (very green) neighbors have processed from our own olive trees, and I made an endive and lentil dish, placed in bright blue and red dishes, and our friends are bringing cheeses and wine and bread and for dessert we have ice cream sticks (hazelnut on chocolate) or melon sherbet with frozen vodka over it, or nougat ice cream...
Tomorrow night we go to the next door cabanonwith our neighbors Philip and Catherine and some of their five children, then the next day Philip Hughes, a painter friend and his Italian wife, then dinners before we leave with our Provencal neighbors and with Chris Prendergast, who will make his rabbit with sariette recipe I used in my Provencal Cooking book,  BUT we have four nights (!!!!) free before we go, to go somewhere just us

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