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Monday, August 26, 2013

oh california

so here in Marina del Rey, near (but what is near?) LA, I go walking out to the water, way away, which I will do wherever you put me, and it is of course freezing and the birds swoop and I get to go barefoot, great joy of barefootedness
saw The Butler, very everything crammed in, but am thinking that the next film seminar I do, if i do,
would put The Help alongside it... not endowed with nuance, exactly, either one, but still...
back to ny tomorrow with my husband, nothing wrong with the diversity of ny, after the sunlight and sea of here, and the delights of Tamales Bay...

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Kurt said...

Thank you for mentioning Red Brick, Black Mountain, White Clay - I just finished reading it and loved it. I love the meander and how it would be to live that way. Best wishes on your reentry.