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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

new projects

nothing fills you with more delight than new projects, right? So, having finished teaching this semester, before plunging into the fall, there is the joy of the summer spreading out, full of -- well, what summer is, if you are lucky, as I am, full of. My son Matthew is here from Cambridge, the one in the UK, and that is like major joy, and I am involved into 2 bio-art projects, one from more of a distance than the other, being on the surrealist painter Georges Malkine, whose daughter wrote it and I am just hovering around it, and the other on Jon Schueler, a superbly interesting American painter, second generation Ab-Ex, but then went to Scotland, its Highlands, as in Mallaig on the Sound of Sleat, and I am co-writing this with a Scot friend, which is being a good thing to do. What paintings! clouds and sea and storms, so I rented "i know where I'm going," a wonderful 1945 film with Wendy Heller about those islands, Mull and Eigg and the Isle of Skye, where my famiy is from originally....
and my essays on surrealism i hope to fix up this summer for publication, and we leave for our modest, old, rustic beyond belief cabanon in Provence on July 1...
Bryn Mawr, which I turn out to have loved a lot, and still now, wanted us to have room to walk around in our minds..- I so enjoyed seeing my former classmates, what a bunch of smart cookies!

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